SEO: Structured Data Poised to Influence SERP Position

When Website Magazine wrote about and advised on the importance of starting work on the implementation of rich snippets, did you listen? If you did - well done, your reward is coming soon. If you did not, you should have. The pace that Google is using rich snippets to identify relevant information and position it accordingly on the SERPs is increasing.

Wired reported that Google is introducing a recipe search engine sometime this week (it's not yet visible for us yet). What makes this noteworthy is that recipe search relies heavily on structured data (rich snippets like microdata, RDFa, and microformats) that websites are using when marking up their code.

While recipes are the first to truly make their way into the search results pages, expect events, reviews, products and even people to be next.

The semantic Web is about to get a lot more attention - particularly from the search engine optimization and Web design communities.

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