Support Search, Support Charities

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 07 Aug, 2012

Supporting a good cause can be as easy as surfing the web - literally.

A new search extension from AdMedia enables users to give back to charities. The tool, SWIKI, works alongside a user's web browser, and provides them with the ability to search multiple search engines, deal websites and social networks via a single site. 

After downloading the plugin and submitting a search on Bing, Google or Yahoo, the SWIKI toolbar appears at the top of the page and displays search results from a variety of websites - including YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter and Amazon. 

"SWIKI is going to provide users with the ultimate search experience," says Avi N. Bibi, COO, AdMedia. "With search results available from the most respected sources on the web, in one location, SWIKI simplifies the search process and allows users to search smarter, not harder." 

Now let's focus on the charitable aspects of this search enhancing extension. SWIKI partnered with CharityChoice so that users can leverage their searches to give back to a list of more than 250 charities. By interacting with sites and rating them via SWIKI, users earn points that can later be redeemed for contributions to their favorite cause. Additionally, the rating feature helps to warn other users of potentially hazardous or unsafe sites and search results. For example, if users click on a poorly rated result, they are prompted before thay are connected to the site. 

"When an advanced service such as SWIKI incorporates an opportunity for its users to give back to the community, it really is a win-win for all involved," says Daniel Goodman, President, CharityChoice Gift Cards. "By partnering with CharityChoice, AdMedia is providing SWIKI users the opportunity to not only help others by rating sites and results, but they are able to turn that action into a good deed and support a charity that is important to them."

Here's an example of the extension in action: