The Great Migration from Google Site Search Continues

Sandra Hauser
by Sandra Hauser 16 Jan, 2023
Technology providers are moving quickly to attract former enterprise-level users of Google Site Search and the Google Search Appliance.

SearchBlox, for example, a provider of search, sentiment analysis and text analytics solution, recently launched version 8.6 of its software and it could be just the feature set enterprises are looking for to serve as a replacement.

This version of the SearchBlox software incorporates the 5.1 release of the Elastic Stack for Elasticsearch and Kibana and allows for the easy setup of a SearchBlox cluster using the Web UI, and provides connectors to ingest data from 75+ data sources including websites, databases and custom data feeds. The new version also allows use of SQL to access data indexed from different repositories.

"SearchBlox was an early adopter of Elasticsearch and continues to leverage new features of Elasticsearch to offer our customers a robust and highly scalable enterprise search solution." said Timo Selvaraj, Co-Founder and VP of Product Management at SearchBlox. "In addition, SearchBlox's evolution into a cognitive platform for unstructured data supporting features like text analytics, sentiment analysis, entity extraction and machine learning has been simplified by using other Elastic products like Kibana"

SearchBlox has already reportedly migrated more than 100 customers from Google Search Appliance (GSA) to the SearchBlox Enterprise Search platform.