The Web Ain't Dead; It's Just Mobile

If you've been dragging your digital feet about developing a better mobile presence, a recent Think With Google post shows some interesting statistics on where to begin (particularly for luxury brands). 


Mobile now makes up 88 percent of all 'near me' searches, with those mobile searches growing at 146 percent year over year (YoY).


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Additional highlights from the post, include:


+ For automobiles, the most popular mobile-centric searches are for luxury car price enquiries. For instance 'Tesla price', 'Maserati price' and 'Audi R8 cost'. These grew nearly 90 percent on mobile from 2014 to 2015.


+ For jewelry, the most popular mobile search is for 'promise rings'. These related mobile searches grew by 77 percent from 2014 to 2015 and tended to spike around the holidays and Valentine's Day.


+ For hotels, data from states that 74 percent of mobile bookings are made for same-day check-in. The most popular mobile-centric hotel search themes include 'near me', 'cheap' and 'price'.