Turn the Tables: Ranking the Performance of Your SEO Company

Walter Moore
by Walter Moore 17 Mar, 2017
SEO helps in improving the visibility and ranking of a business in the virtual world. The services are especially helpful for startups, small and mid-level industries who cannot rely on their recognizable name and big traffic numbers to get the attention of the search engines. There are specialized SEO agencies that offer suitable services to optimize the performance of a site. Since SEO strategies and campaigns are based on different variables, this makes it difficult to detect a good agency from a mediocre or a substandard one. If you possess very limited ideas about SEO campaigns, it can become difficult to judge the performance of your SEO service provider. Is the agency doing a good job or is it just playing with your resources, without delivering meaningful results?  

If your business is performing below its potential, it may not totally be the fault of your SEO agency. However, if you are unsure about the performance of your SEO agency, focus on the following points to find out whether it is time to make a change or not.

The Presence of Bad Inbound Links  

Link building is one of the most critical and important tasks for an SEO expert. It is the quality of links that decides the effectiveness of an SEO campaign. The quality of links being provided by the SEO expert determines the fate of your website. Good links can be difficult to build and require high-time involvement. Good links appear mostly on strong and relevant domains, and promise to be contextually appropriate. They usually can be found on well-written and well-researched content. If you notice that bad links are being developed for your domain, it is time to think about a new SEO service provider while eliminating the existing one. 

Inappropriate and Irrelevant Content

It is the duty of an SEO service provider to deliver relevant, high-quality, and original content for your website. Website content is the building block for any SEO campaign. Without quality content, it becomes impossible to run a suitable SEO campaign. A top-rated SEO agency will always ensure that your site is filled with high-quality and relevant content, free of plagiarism and grammatical errors. If you find the SEO service provider failing to deliver quality content to your site, think to replace the agency, with a new and more experience one.  

Dated Approaches

SEO strategies keep changing, with time. Although the basics remain the same, the approach SEO agencies take differ based on emerging algorithm updates and tactics - for instance people may want to consume infographics yet the search engines reward longer-form content. Hence, the SEO service provider must stay updated, with all the latest trends of digital marketing. Accordingly, the agency must be able to improve on its search engine approach for the client. If your agency fails to achieve any of these, it is time to look for a better alternative. 

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