Universal Search & Digital Asset Optimization at Conductor

SEO software provider Conductor has released a few very noteworthy features this week, including a digital asset measurement and optimization platform. If you've struggled with optimizing content (in all its various forms) for Google's universal/blended results, this one's for you. 

According to Conductor's own research, 80 percent of keyword searches currently contain universal results (which can contain videos, images, news, etc.). Adding digital asset optimization into its SearchLight product, users of the Conductor platform will have an opportunity to track and optimize their content and increase the likelihood they appear within these blended resuts. Too often, content which is appropriate for universal results tends to be siloed (inaccessible). Opening it up presents some viable opportunities to get a positive bump in traffic. 

"The exposure of SEO across organizations over the last year has been nothing short of spectacular, and Conductor customers are pioneers in making SEO touch every part of their organization," said Seth Besmertnik, CEO of Conductor.

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