Using Quora to Build a Backlink Strategy for Your Website

Amber Racer
by Amber Racer 19 Apr, 2016


Quora is a website dedicated to posting and answering questions.


Users contribute by asking questions and answering questions. You might wonder what this has to do with marketing your website, but in fact, your answer could just be the lead you need to link back to your website. The thing about Quora is that the website prefers when you answer questions thoroughly. That means, adding a blog post or linking to a page on your website with content that backs your statement makes you look even better than if you didn't do this at all.


This means free "good links" where they're relevant.


Free link real estate gives you the power to find customers in need of real advice and the ability to educate customers pertaining to your services. Customers shop around when looking for products because they need more information before making a purchase. This is the basis of online marketing. Finding the people who are asking the right questions that align with your business gives you an advantage of offering customer education directly.


Why do you need a backlink strategy?


Putting your website in front of the right audience is crucial to your SEO strategy. Building trust, and backlinks of course, will drive more traffic to your website and assist in establishing customer loyalty.


Backlinks are now an essential part of your SEO strategy since the algorithms are highly concerned with your reputability as a website. Linking from well-known, high-ranking domain authority sites, such as, contributes to your appearance of "trustworthiness" in the eyes of the search engine algorithm bots.


Not to mention, targeting your audience by answering their questions gives you the opportunity to provide a solution in the form of a product or service your company offers.


What makes Quora great for driving traffic via backlinks?


Quora is a great place to share links to your website. First, most of the links you share as answers will be relevant to the topic of interest - a big bonus to the algorithms. In addition, Quora's site ranks high in domain authority trustworthiness.


It's also a search engine as well as a database by niche and category. If someone follows a certain category, they will get new questions straight to their email inbox. This means your chances for interaction with the right audience go up not just from the backlinks, but also from the ability to appear in a search (on Quora and Google) as well as your audience's email inbox.


How can you use Quora to build a backlink strategy?


One main benefit of Quora is that it's considered a high-domain authority site with a 89 domain rating according to Moz. This just means that all links pointing back to your site from Quora will benefit your SEO efforts for this reason. Another thing to consider is reach and relevance. Marketing your industry and niche is the key to reaching more people online through customer targeting.


Real-World Experiences


What is your experience with using Quora to build a backlink strategy? Please leave a comment and share with your network.