Video Search Improvements Come to Bing

You might think that Google's YouTube has the video market all locked up (and that may very well be the case) but don't believe that Bing (or any other video aggregator) is going to just sit around waiting to disappear from the collective Web conscious.

Microsoft, for example, has just launched an update that will give its search engine users a more streamlined and more detailed video search experience.

Microsoft/Bing is introducing a new lightbox-style video overlay, which provides a list of related searches on the right and related video on the bottom in a carousel format.

Bing also now offers a high-resolution pop-out video preview that are both larger and which provide more in-depth information. For example, Bing is now showing how many views a video had and a description of the video with the search term bolded.

Bing is also introducing a new set of filters that will allow users to view videos with either 720p or 1080p resolutions, or with traditional filters such as date, length or source.