Web Rankings: Top 50 Alternative Advertising Marketplaces

Advertising has made the Internet a commercial powerhouse and remains the most compelling aspect of Internet business for many Web professionals.

Influencing everything from what we purchase to who we vote for, advertising innovation continues unabated. And quite naturally, advertising service providers in the market are becoming more sophisticated. Witness the influx of both adserving platforms and advertising exchanges, even the use of behavioral targeting to generate more clicks from qualified Web users - and that's just the beginning.

While most advertisers restrict their budgets to the familiar big three (Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!), it is essential to look at vendors outside those that generate the most attention. These lesser-known networks and providers can yield immense value, often providing a higher return on advertising investment thanks to a greater focus on managed services and targeted, niche advertising - something the big three provide but at another premium.

A mix of CPM, CPA, and CPL and CPC-based ad networks and even some non-standard or non-traditional networks (e.g. those focusing on pop-ups, expandables, mobile, paid reviews, etc.) are included in Website Magazine's August Top 50 of Alternative Advertising Marketplaces.

You will notice that many large providers (including those provided by Google, AOL, Yahoo!, Microsoft and others) are absent from the list. These providers were excluded from the Top 50 due to the broad reach of their advertising services (ad serving, ad networks and ad exchanges) and lack of exclusive focus on advertising. These providers clearly garner the bulk of ad spend but the purpose here is to highlight competition in the marketplace.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of assembling a list of alternative providers is they are not all exclusively pure-play ad networks. For example, one might provide services for both affiliate marketers and advertisers or specialize in a particular ad serving medium, such as mobile or pop-ups. Considering the limitations, what is illuminated here is the exposure these companies receive among their prospective clients. It is equally important to remember that most advertising networks cannot exist without content partners or affiliate publishers. In the end, the strength (quality and volume) of a network's traffic is a key element to success, and how every network should be measured.

Website Magazine's Top 50 rankings are a measure of a website's popularity. Ranks are calculated using a proprietary method that focuses on average daily unique visitors and page views over a specified period of time. The site with the highest combination of factors is ranked in the first position.  

1. shopping.com
2. superpages.com
3. pricegrabber.com
4. cj.com
5. bidvertiser.com
6. local.com
7. miva.com
8. looksmart.com

9. payperpost.com
10. shareasale.com
11. chitika.com
12. reachlocal.com
13. federatedmedia.net
14. valueclick.com
15. admob.com

16. linkworth.com
17. genieknows.com
18. marketleverage.com
19. adonnetwork.com
20. revenuegateway.com
21. maxbounty.com
22. mediawhiz.com
23. mammamediasolutions.com
24. industrybrains.com
25. brightroll.com

26. bannerconnect.net
27. adbrite.com
28. clickbank.com
29. adengage.com
30. accelerator-media.com
31. tribalfusion.com
32. burstmedia.com
33. vibrantmedia.com
34. 7search.com

35. valueclickmedia.com
36. tradedoubler.com
37. zedo.com
38. blogads.com
39. kontera.com
40. revenue.net
41. clickbooth.com
42. 247realmedia.com
43. cpxinteractive.com
44. marchex.com

45. paypopup.com
46. zanox.com
47. pheedo.com
48. kanoodle.com
49. addynamix.com
50. affiliatefuture.co.uk