1:1 Code Help for Beginners

The federal government is doing its part to improve tech education in this country, announcing a $17 million pilot program to help students cover tuition at coding bootcamps. And, in certain cities like San Francisco "popup" bootcamps are lining the streets. Codementor, however, believes bootcamps should only be one piece of this new educational landscape.

Codementor is a mentorship marketplace where bootcamp graduates and junior developers get on-on-one live mentorships to help them get ready for a job market "that isn't as easy as bootcamps would have you believe."

Using Codementor, developers enter a problem they are having in a search bar. 

The search results then include "mentors" who are available to help. Each mentor charges their own fees (e.g., $15 for 15 minutes). Experienced coders can also apply to become a Codementor - setting their own rate and schedule.