33 WordPress Themes for Every Person

Everyone knows someone – a neighbor, a friend, a relative, an associate, a client – who needs a website. And the Web designers or developers they turn to for help are likely looking to WordPress to create one. After all, WordPress is the most popular CMS - ever. 


Website Magazine has compiled a comprehensive list of WordPress themes that designers and developers can use for any "type" of person, from dentists and do-gooders to marketers and moms. 


Note: Below, readers will find the type of person (or business) that each theme is good for. If the "type" (e.g. The Dentist) is clicked on, a new window will open with more details like purchase price. If the theme's screenshot is clicked on, a new window will open so readers can view a live demo. 


The Do-Gooder


The Dentist


The Politician


The Childcare Provider


The Marketer


The Designer


The Writer


The Style Setter


The Eco-Friendly Merchant


The Musician


The New Mom


The Restaurateur


The Band Manager


The Entrepreneur


The Massage Therapist


The Crafter


The Publisher


The Financial Specialist


The Hair Stylist


The Building Owner


The Real Estate Agent


The Service Provider


The Job Seeker


The Dance Teacher


The IT Guy/Gal


The New Business Owner


The Car Dealer


The Limo Driver


The Movie Reviewer


The Dietitian


The Preacher


The Food Lover


The Baker



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