3Tera AppStore Launched in the Cloud

Cloud computing tech and utility computing service 3Tera introduced the 3Tera AppStore, a marketplace for cloud components. Enterprise users, software vendors and datacenter experts can exchange product-ready, scalable cloud componenets on a pay-per-use basis.

3Tera's AppStore is really a portal for supported software stacks, packaged for use in public, private and hybrid AppLogic cloud deployments. The Appstore catralog spans all types of dataceneter infrastructre elements and complete applications, from networking components (load balancers, firewalls, routers, traffic managers, content switches), server components (such as Web servers, directory servers, databases, application servers) and storage solutions, as well as application software stacks, management and monitoring tools. 

"We've been enabling Cloud Computing for the past three years," said Barry X Lynn, chairman and CEO of 3Tera. "With the introduction of 3Tera's Appstore, we're enabling a community of software providers to make their products easily available in the cloud and accessible on demand."