6 DIY App Building Platforms for Every Brand

The digital world is becoming increasingly mobile, and the businesses that are adapting are the ones positioned for future success.

In order to offer a complete mobile experience, companies must have more than just a mobile optimized website - they need a mobile app too. In fact, a recent Flurry study reveals consumers prefer spending time with mobile apps over spending time on the mobile Web. For small businesses with limited resources, however, the concept of building a mobile app from scratch can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, the 'Net is full of technology that can help, including these six DIY app building platforms.


With Apptive, digital professionals can create mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Users can maintain branding throughout the app with the ability to upload logos and custom backgrounds. Plus, the platform enables users to customize typography and button colors, upload images, as well as modify categories, descriptions and messaging within apps. It is also important to note that Apptive integrates with ecommerce platforms so that users can create a shopping app, as well as offers interactive elements so that customers can take actions like order food from the app, receive push notifications and more.



Appery.io's cloud-based platform offers visual development tools to help businesses create mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Users can also connect to any REST API in order to use it within their app, as well as add extra functionality via the platform's plug-in catalog. Moreover, Appery.io offers app testing and enables users to write custom JavaScript or CSS code.


Appsbuilder features a drag-and-drop tool that empowers users to create iOS and Android apps themselves. Through the platform, they can add pages to their app and upload content either manually or automatically via RSS feed, social networks and websites. The platform also offers promotion tools and engagement tools, including custom forms, loyalty cards and geotargeted push notifications. Plus, appsbuilder gives users real-time previews of their apps and offers monetization features, such as the ability to integrate a shopping cart, geotargeted couponing and ads.


Como, formerly known as Conduit Mobile, enables users to create a variety of different mobile apps, including apps for small businesses, restaurants, music, education, events and nonprofits. The platform is customizable, allowing users to choose from an assortment of features, styles, backgrounds and color themes. Additionally, Como offers a set of promotional tools and monetization options, including coupons, loyalty cards, ecommerce functionality and more.


Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps is a DIY solution for creating (you guessed it) business apps. Through the platform, users can create iOS and Android apps for bars, restaurants, realtors, lawyers, nonprofits and more. Bizness Apps offers a variety of features, including the ability to add directions, one-touch calling, food ordering, podcasts and fan walls to apps. Moreover, Bizness Apps offers push notifications and integrations with popular social networks, email service providers and shopping carts.


The App Builder

Digital professionals can leverage The App Builder to create employee apps, client apps, event apps, brochure apps and more. The platform offers a feature called "TheAppLibrary," which helps accelerate app publishing by providing a single password protected app that allows controlled user groups access to apps created with the platform. Furthermore, The App Builder enables users to create both public and private apps, which allows businesses to create in-house apps distributed directly to employees. The platform also makes it simple for users to make updates, with changes being available within 60 seconds after publishing.