Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Growing in Google News

Google appears to be going all in on AMP within its news results.

RankRanger has released a report that shows AMP results seen in the Google News section for mobile users has more than doubled in the past several days.

Just one week ago, AMP content was available in Google News for approximately 20 percent of the news results, but it is now more than double that in the Google news US-based mobile section according to RankRanger, with upwards of 70 percent of the news results returning AMP content. That's a rather major development for news publishers.

The company's research revealed that the increasing presence of AMP pages in the news results is not limited to the U.S. alone either. In fact, of the 12 countries RankRanger has determined display AMP news results, only one (Japan) has a mobile News Box that contains less than 50 percent AMP results within it.

AMP is here, everybody, and if you're a publisher, that means it's time to accelerate your development in this regard - particularly if you're getting traffic (website visits) from Google news.