Adblade APIs Bring Flexibility (and Data) to Advertisers, Publishers

Native ad platform Adblade is launching a new API to bring improved reporting capabilities to its advertisers and publishers.

Adblade's new API suite provides a single point of access to publisher metrics such as impressions by container and placement, clicks, revenue by placement, subids and total revenues. Adblade's advertiser API includes access to ad ids, click URL(s), ad impressions, ad conversions, campaign spend, data spend and total spend.

Adblade is simplifying the processes developers use to access, explore and create and allowing media companies on both sides to scale their operations by many orders of magnitude. To succeed, publishers and advertisers need to have the data and flexibility to adapt in real-time. Adblade's API offers a highly flexible technological option that allows customers to unify their systems into one dashboard.

"As the ad industry continues to evolve, Adiant is at the forefront of innovation", said Ash Nashed, founder and CEO. "Our commitment to publishers' and advertisers' success has been the driving force behind the creation of these powerful tools".