Adobe & Intel Develop Service for AIR Apps

Adobe and Intel announced plans to enable developers to distribute and monetize Adobe AIR applications and games via the Intel AppUp center (released in public beta back in January 2010). AppUp had previously targeted netbooks and consumer laptops exclusively.

Using the new Adobe application distribution platform beta, code named "Melrose," developers and publishers will be able to sell and distribute AIR applications while monitoring the sales and downloads. Available today, the beta of Melrose provides a portal for developers and publishers to distribute their applications through multiple distribution channels.

"Many developers crave a middle ground between the openness of web-centric computing and the tight integration found on restricted or closed devices without permissions to develop or precious time lost testing on hundreds of slightly differing devices," said Christos Georgiopoulos, general manager, Developer Relations Division, Software and Services Group, Intel Corporation. "That's why we built AppUp. The strategic relationship between Intel and Adobe aims to delight developers by aligning one of the world's largest non-fragmented developer platforms with one of the world's largest consistent hardware platforms to bring consumers great experiences via 'client centric' software."