AMP Coming Fast to Publisher Networks

AMP, the open-source HTML5 design framework from Google, has received its fair share of coverage over the past few months for good reason - it provides publishers an opportunity to develop better (faster) experiences for users on mobile devices and, more importantly, monetize those experiences. 

While actually getting started with AMP from a design perspective has its own challenges, so does including advertising for mobile users accessing content through these pages. Fortunately, advertising and publisher networks are coming to the rescue. 

Programmatic advertising marketing OpenX, for example, has announced that they are now a certified Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) partner. Publisher partners who use OpenX Bidder, OpenX Ad Exchange, OpenX SSP and/or OpenX Ad Server are now able to offer their consumers a faster, unencumbered mobile Web experience, an additional benefit to ongoing increased yield driven by OpenX technology.

"We were among the first ad exchanges to support the Google initiative to improve consumer experience on mobile web because we recognized the frustrations consumers experience with delays on mobile web," said Miki Rapoport, director of product at OpenX. "With AMP, OpenX publishers receive the near instantaneous speed for mobile web page performance that consumers desire along with the sustained revenue lifts specific to the monetization technology at the core of all our products and capabilities."