Bitcasa's Battle-tested Cloud Storage in Focus

Cloud storage service Bitcasa has announced plans to deliver its Bitcasa Cloud File System (FS) as an API. 

Developers will have access to API functionality including file management, file sharing, media transcoding, and "zero-knowledge" encryption. There are also nine pre-built applications available, including the Bitcasa Turn-key Drive which allows service providers to offer their own branded consumer storage solution. 

"The Network File System (NFS) removed location limitations for accessing files within corporate firewalls, and Bitcasa removes limitations further by enabling highly scalable, secure, and fast file access in the public cloud," said Ashish Nadkarni, File and Object Storage Analyst at IDC. "The scale of the file system in Bitcasa's consumer cloud storage service is unprecedented, and provides a solid base for developers to build on."