Browser Apps as Distribution Strategy

Brower app powerhouse Conduit is on a roll. It seems like every other day we get word of another Internet company that has released a Conduit-powered app - for example, you might have seen our coverge of the browser app last week. 

Conduit is now powering apps for a network of 260,000 publishers that are being used by over 200 million users. Browser apps are shaping up to be one of the next great internet distribution mechanisms and big brands are quickly realizing its potential. Groupon today formally announced the availability of its Groupon Browser App and, while it has been in the Conduit Marketplace for several weeks, has already been downloaded over 2.5 million times. 

Using location-based targeting, Groupon's Browser App works directly in the browser and shows users the current daily deal and offers viral functionality within the app, allowing users to share those deals with others through email, and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

"Groupon's incredible success is due in large part to their forward thinking - they know that pushing information to their users is more effective than trying to bring them into their site, which many companies have yet to realize," said Adam Boyden, president of Conduit. "Conduit fits perfectly into their distribution strategy as the app is persistently, but unobtrusively present on their users' browser and feeds deals and information to them whenever they are on the web."