Can Nu Campaign Fix Captcha?

NuCaptcha Inc., the "Human-Friendly" Captcha, is urging users to "Make the Switch" with their new campaign.

While the implementation of Captchas has certainly been a good thing for website users and owners looking for both security online and a way to reduce or eliminate spam, its flaws can, at times, be very apparent.

In most cases, Captchas pose little to no problems, unless you're a bot. However, there are several instances when Captchas prove to be more of a hindrance than a help, whether it is because of a design issue or a user-related one. For example, a user with eyesight issues may have trouble making out the letters on a Captcha, and without help this could force them to abandon the task at hand; this could be problematic if he or she were trying to do time-sensitive online banking or bill paying.

More common, however, are problems that arise from poorly designed or difficult Captchas that can be tiring for any user to try to decipher. Just look at this list of the "top 10 worst Captcha's [sic] ever."

Complicated or confusing Captchas are an extremely easy way to drive users away from your site and drastically diminish conversion, so unless that is your business model (for some reason), you'd probably be better off trying to keep things as simple as possible.

This is the goal of NuCaptcha, company whose platform delivers a fast and easy way to complete a Captcha and also provides high website security. The whole idea behind the product is a simple Captcha interface that is specifically designed to retain users on a site and help them to quickly and efficiently pass through security.

Just last week, NuCaptcha announced their "Make the Switch" campaign in an attempt to attract website owners and, so they claim, put an end to Captcha-related frustrations on the part of the site's users. The company's endeavors are going to be aimed at site owners and webmasters looking for a user-friendly alternative to traditional Captcha platforms.

NuCaptcha's cutting-edge Captcha technology requires users to type in as little as 3 letters and can typically be completed in under 3 seconds.

The platform will enable websites of all sizes to choose their Captcha security and user-experience, which before was only possible for the highest-volume Captcha sites. They offer a variety of video-based templates that can be selected by owners to fit their look and feel of their individual website thanks to a new custom skinning technology (which is not as gross as it sounds). Owners are also able to control as many or as few details as they choose, such as size, choice of videos, security level and even optional branding, advertising and revenue production through NuCaptcha's advertising partners.

Website owners, particularly those who are on a tight budget but who want to utilize the security features that come with a Captcha platform, may want to start thinking about looking into a product like this. NuCaptcha offers a variety of choices for owners, such as their Free, Pro and Enterprise models, which all utilize the same usability and security features.