Caspio Web Calendars - No Programming Required

Online database platform Caspio made available its Calendar DataPages product which enables the publishing of data in, you guessed it, calendar displays.

Calendar interfaces provide a user-friendly and efficient way to manage data such as events, schedules, and tasks. Caspio has a long list of data visualization tools that allow users to publish spreadsheet and database information on their websites for interactive use (without coding).

"We have utilized Caspio in a number of applications, including database publishing, nomination and resource submission forms, and detailed events calendars," said Mason Walker, Associate Editor of Sustainable Business Oregon, an online news publication covering issues of interest for Oregon's growing number of individuals incorporating sustainability in their businesses. "The calendar function has allowed us to display a range of customized event listings with minimal upkeep. Users submit events through an online form; all we have to do is approve them, and they're listed on a clean, attractive calendar."