Cloud-Based Data Joiner for Tableau From SnapLogic

Cloud integration company SnapLogic has released a free cloud-based data joiner for Tableau customers, enabling Tableau customers to join data from different sources, converting the results into a Tableau-ready format.

"In today's data-centric world, the more data customers feed into their Tableau visualization exercise, the more insights they gain," said Maneesh Joshi, senior director of product marketing at SnapLogic. "Tableau users can now get access to fresh data in real time and transition from data creation to visualization within minutes."

Dan Jewett, VP of Product Management at Tabeau Software indicated that the data joiner will enable users to gather insights from data, detect trends, patterns and relationships. "SnapLogic's elastic integration platform empowers business users to leverage self-service integrations without the need for deep technical expertise. Business users can rapidly move data into Tableau from a wide variety of sources and analyze it to gain critical business insights in response to an ever-changing business environment."