Cloud Services Market Booming

Cloud services marketplace and management company AppDirect has raised $35 million in Series C funding led by new investor Mithril Capital Management.

"AppDirect's founding vision was to make it incredibly easy for businesses to find, buy, and use the services they need to be successful. We're well on our way to making that vision a reality, and with this investment, we'll be able to accelerate and go even faster," said Daniel Saks, co-founder and co-CEO of AppDirect. "Now, we can focus on growth without sacrificing the vision and values that have powered our success so far, and will continue to guide us as we shape the future of software delivery and the global cloud economy as a whole."

AppDirect's growth has been nothing short of spectacular in the past year, growing from 12 to 20 million businesses worldwide, and expanding from 80 to more than 150 countries.