Cloud Usage Growing, AWS Dominates

It looks like businesses are finally coming around when it comes to using public and private cloud environments for hosting their applications. 


Statisics released today from Bitnami, a service that enables users to launch applications and entire development stacks in the cloud, reveal that 41 percent indicate that their organizations deployed more apps in the cloud during the past twelve months than in the previous year and that 56 percent planned to deploy more cloud apps in the next twelve months. The data is very much in line with a SpiceWorks study, Cloudification of the Network, released in late August.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains the most popular destination for cloud deployments, with nearly 39% of respondents expecting to deploy applications on AWS during the next twelve months. After AWS, the next most common cloud deployments were private clouds (27%) followed by Google Compute Engine (16%), Microsoft Azure (11%), VMware Cloud (11%) and Rackspace (8%).


Small businesses (less than 50 employees) have generally adopted cloud applications at a slightly higher rate than large organizations (more than 1,000 employees) during the past twelve months: 48 to 38%. Private cloud adoption was highest among larger organizations (greater than 1,000 employees) with 39% of respondents expecting to deploy applications in private clouds over the next twelve months compared with just 25% for small companies (50 employees or fewer).


"BitNami is neutral when it comes to deployment environments," said Daniel Lopez, co-founder and CEO of BitNami. "While the majority of downloads that occur today are still for local environments, it's clear that there is a significant shift occurring towards the cloud for developing, testing and deploying applications. In fact, the number of BitNami applications deployed to Amazon Web Services increased by 98% in 2012 and is expected to increase 160% in 2013." BitNami estimates that its applications will generate over 100 million hours of usage on AWS in 2013 alone.


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