Cross-Browser Testing For Chrome

Application experience management service Gomez announced that cross-browser testing for Google Chrome and Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 is available.

Using Gomez's Reality View XF service, developers can now visualize how new and existing web applications will appear and perform when rendered in the Chrome and IE 8 beta browsers. Best used during app development and deployment, Reality View XF delivers screen captures of how web pages render and load over 500 combinations of browsers, operating systems and devices.

"The recent proliferation of web browser platforms has put many Internet application providers in an unenviable position," said Daniel Golding, vice president and research director at Tier1 Research. "In addition to three different versions of Internet Explorer, two versions of Firefox, and Apple's Safari, now developers must test against yet another platform -- Google's Chrome. That both Chrome and IE8 are in beta -- subject to rapid change -- makes matters worse. Web application developers are in dire need of powerful, web-based software quality assurance capabilities."

Gomez Application Management

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