CSS Tool: SiteAssist Pro Enhancements

CSS isn't going away anytime soon - in fact it will probably get a lot more prominent and better with the next standards release. But if you are a web designer and haven't gotten onto the CSS bandwagon, now is the time.

WebAssist recently unveiled its latest version of SiteAssist Professional, a tool that enables website designers and developers to build CSS sites with navigation quickly. Website Magazine has covered SiteAssist in the past and we've always been impressed with its broad scope of features for those using DreamWeaver. So what's new in this version? For the first time, users can create and custome pages to include Spry or other Javascript framework components.

"CSS is, undeniably, one of the most efficient and flexible ways to build sites today, but it isn't without its limitations," said Hieu Bui, President, WebAssist.  "SiteAssist Professional seeks to help developers, both professional and beginner alike, harness the power of CSS easily and utilize their resources more effectively with customization of templates and easy navigation options."

SiteAssist Professional is compatible with Dreamweaver CS3 and Dreamweaver 8 on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. SiteAssist Professional retails for $199.99, but is available for $149.99 as a special introductory price until September 9, 2008 directly from WebAssist.