Developing Immersive Digital Experiences with AR & VR

Truly gratifying digital experience can be challenging to develop because both the technology available to do so and users' expectations change so rapidly.


The rise of virtual and augmented reality however is now finally bringing the two together in some unique and special ways.


FuseLab Creative, a creative agency in the DC region, for example, announced that it has begun offering Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality services to its clients. The new offering will enable FuseLab clients to develop truly immersive and intimate experiences in ways only dreamed of in the past.


FuseLab has already created some interesting VR including an on-the-job-training system where employees are able to experience what it's like to do construction at the top of skyscrapers, or what it's like to be a doctor treating patients in a humanitarian danger zone. The UX design agency hopes to build off of the successful debut of the Augmented Reality work it featured recently at Comic-con; where fans were able to interact with Wonder Woman.


While VR headsets are becoming more readily available, they remain somewhat expensive (and cost prohibitive). Augmented and virtual reality are hard-to-ignore however as they possess incredible potential to transform the entire digital experience (particularly with the oversight of an experienced agency).