Direct Order Automation with Rubicon Project's 49bc

Real-time advertising platform Rubicon Project has released a new solution for "direct order" automation.

Now available in private beta, 49bc essentially provides a more sophisticated interface that brings packaging, discovery, negotiation, execution and insights into a single unified platform for media buyers and sellers. The platform will provide capabilities and functionalities including:

  • Packaging: Sellers will be able to list premium guaranteed inventory packages, design their business rules, and respond to RFPs.
  • Discovery: Buyers can search, follow and find publisher and application inventory packages by platform, format, placement and audience.
  • Negotiation: Buyers and sellers will be able to negotiate pricing, volume and targeting within the interface; reducing reliance upon phone, email and spreadsheets.
  • Execution: Creatives, tags, tracking and reporting functionality will be automated via the user interface, enabling deployment of individual or groups of campaigns.
  • Insights: Reporting functionality will be built into the platform to provide insights for both buyers and sellers.

"Buyers and sellers of advertising have largely relied on manual processes to manage premium direct orders," said Josh Wexler, head of buyer cloud at Rubicon Project. "With 49bc we will be seeking to replace those disparate and cumbersome systems with a single platform which moves the industry closer to our vision of automating the buying and selling of advertising."