Everybody Loves a MySQL Guy/Gal

MySQL is now the third most in-demand skill on Elance, moving up three spots since October.

Over 1,300 MySQL jobs were posted on the freelance-work site in the last 30 days alone.

Robin Schumacher, MySQL director of product management, and Brian Aker, principal engineer at Sun Microsystems, are not surprised by the MySQL growth trend, according to a recent press release. "When you need a strong database management system - one that gives you the best TCO (total cost of ownership) - you choose MySQL," Schumacher said. Aker agrees, stating, "The thing that MySQL brought to the table when it came out was the ease of use and the ease of installation. MySQL came out in an era where comparable products were really complex and required a lot of knowledge to be able to use and install. With MySQL the user is able to take the database, download it, install it, understand it, and then apply it to their application."

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