File System API's in the Cloud with Bitcasa

Cloud storage platform Bitcasa has released a set of cloud file system API's, dubbed Bitcasa CloudFS, which provide developers an opportunity to deploy applications on the cloud infrastructure and manage their own user's data. 

Early applications built using the CloudFS beta (the platform was announced in May 2014) have ranged from a streaming radio show, to photography studio file sharing, as well as video website upload and delivery applications. Over 7,000 developers have already signed up to the service according to Bitcasa.

"Developers are increasingly looking to the cloud to help manage user data, and have traditionally had to choose between building their own secure storage systems on top of public cloud infrastructure -- which is time consuming and difficult -- or using a third party cloud service and surrendering their data and user experience," says Bitcasa CEO, Brian Taptich. "Bitcasa CloudFS effectively solves this dilemma for developers and gives them the convenience and simplicity of customizable APIs while maintaining control of their users and related data."

Bitcasa is offering developers a free test package so they can prototype applications with five end-users, 25GB of storage, 10,000 API calls a month, and basic support.