Geo-Aware Push Notifications for the Browser

Love them or loathe them, the data is clear - push notifications create a deeper level of engagement.

Push notifications, however, have previously been limited to native apps. That's about to change. Geofencing and content localization solution CloudEngage has introduced browser-based push notifications to its platform. The "Push" solution from CloudEngage provides geo-targeted push notifications to customers' desktop or mobile devices - without requiring an app or even having a browser window open.

The push notifications, which capture location information so notifications can be geofenced, also include links. Identifying where to send users however can be a challenge so CloudEngage's platform also includes a landing page creator to essentially close the loop with a destination for each push campaign.

"Push's immediacy makes it the ultimate communication channel," says Tom Williams, VP of Sales & Marketing for CloudEngage. "If you have something to say, you can be the front and center of your customers' attention right now, not when they decide to check their email or visit your website. Having that power without requiring an app is truly liberating."