Google's Cloud Ready-ish for the GDPR

Paul Hartman
by Paul Hartman 13 Oct, 2017
Every digital enterprise is going to be impacted in some way on May 25, 2018, when the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) finally goes into effect, and the activity related to its formal adoption is starting to get underway.

The GDPR countdown has begun; are you ready?

As important as ensuring the security and integrity of your own customer data , it is just as vital to ensure that the business and technology partners your enterprise integrates or collaborates with are meeting the same high standards (i.e. in compliance with the GDPR).  

There's no question that the GDPR is a major regulatory change, but most are woefully unprepared for compliance. It will soon (if it has not already) become a top priority for millions of enterprises who rely on potentially affected solutions (like pretty much any service operating in the cloud), and to their great fortune, companies like Google are getting a head start. 

Google recently rolled out its Data Processing Amendment (Version 2.0) for G Suite and the Data Processing and Security Terms (Version 2.0) for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), both of which have been specifically updated to reflect the GDPR. G Suite and Google Cloud Platform customers will act as the data controller for any personal data they provide to Google in connection with their use of Google's services, while Google will serve as the data processor). 

The company made these terms available well in advance of the GDPR transition in order to facilitate its own customers' compliance assessments and general readiness when using Google Cloud services. Google customers can opt in to the updated versions of the data processing amendment within the administrative consoles for G Suite and GCP.