IBM, C-Suite Taps into the Cloud

To truly accelerate innovation around the customer experience and business objectives, the entire organization needs to be onboard, especially the C-Suite.

IBM's new array of cloud solutions, specifically designed for executive-level management, will help these professionals get in touch with what is really happening on the ground floor. Among the newest cloud business offerings is a big data and social analytics solution that chief marketing officers (CMOs) can use to get an emotional reading on how customers view their brand to use information like this to transform their marketing initiatives. 

"The cloud opportunity is helping C-suite leaders reshape customer experience," said Paul Papas, Global Leader Smarter Commerce, IBM Global Business Services. "As part of IBM's digital front office strategy, we see these 100 cloud applications as a way for business leaders to improve customer experience, reach new customers, generate new revenue streams and become more competitive in their industry."

The IBM's cloud suites for C-level executives also enable:

  • Chief Marketing Officers to analyze, understand and engage customers in highly relevant, interactive dialogues across digital, social and traditional marketing channels with digital analytics and marketing automation capabilities from offerings such as IBM Marketing Center.
  • Sales and ecommerce leaders to drive omnichannel B2C sales linking mobile, social, Web, and on-site locations. B2B sales executives and departments use IBM's sales cloud to manage quotes, negotiate contracts, and strengthen sales performance analytics.
  • Customer care and support executives to develop unique service and retention techniques with faster, personalized customer conversations afforded by IBM Watson Engagement Advisor