Into the Source Code of iBuildApp

The problem with existing solutions for mobile app builders, many of which have been featured here at Website Magazine, are that they don't provide much in the way of customization. That's starting to change however.

iBuildApp, for example, recently announced that its source-code for iOS and Android mobile apps is now open source, and available on GitHub to be used freely by the mobile development community. Developers will now be able to see how iBuildApp mobile apps work and create custom app features such as templates and widgets, which can be added to their own apps (or, presumably, to the iBuildApp marketplace and offered commercially).

The company previously released source code for features (mobile widgets), a mobile SDK, and introduced the ability to sell PhoneGap and Javascript widgets last year.

iBuildApp has been quite popular among 'Net professionals and has been used by over 1.1 million businesses to create 1.3 million apps.

"iBuildApp removes the barrier to entry in the mobile app building world for businesses and web developers," said iBuildApp CEO Rafael Soultanov. "Using iBuildApp, businesses can create custom app features to upload to their app. With this approach we believe our platform is very different than any other similar service," said Soultanov.