iRise Developer Network Unveiled

If there is one trend that will stand out for large enterprises in the coming year, it is that software development will be changed forever as tools that enable anyone to "visualize" applications come to market in a big way. Those companies fostering the transformation stand to gain the most. 

Enterprise visualization software provider iRise announced its iRise Developer network today that aims to do just that by encouraging the use of its iRise iBloc and iConnect APIs. 

The iRise iBloc API enables the creation of widgets, events and actions from pre-built components for the assembly of complex visualizations, and the iRise iConnect API supports integrations and extensions to the iRise platform. With it, developers can create custom reporting tools, integrations to testing tools, extensions to the iRise platform and other new products that use and/or modify iRise data.

"Establishing an active developer community is an important next step in enabling innovative third-party solutions that extend the iRise portfolio," said Maurice Martin, president, COO and founder of iRise. "The iDN is all about accelerating innovation to our customers and partners with a collaborative ecosystem of creative thinkers who develop complementary and value-added solutions on top of the iRise platform."