Jigsaw for Application Developers

Data as a Service (DaaS) solution Jigsaw released a suite of APIs and a toolkit that will allow developers to delivery company profiles and contact data from inside web, desktop or mobile applications. 

Jigsaw also launched a new developer program so companies integrating Jigsaw can give free Jigsaw data to customers, let their customers use their own Jigsaw accounts to acquire contact data, or resell Jigsaw data and add a new revenue stream to their business. The APIs from Jigsaw are RESTful and calls to the Jigsaw database can respond in XML or JSON. They do not require SOAP or WSDL. Developers must request an API token. 

Seventeen companies have joined the new Jigsaw Developer Program and have gone or are going live with Jigsaw embedded including: ActiveConversion, Anagram, Basho, ChatStat, eGrabber, Enthusem, Globalpitch, IntellectSpace, Jobvite, Lead Liaison, Marketo, Netfactor, ProvenProspects, SharedVue, Sharkbait, SugarCRM and Visistat. 

Visistat's is one of the most noteworthy. Using Jigsaw, Visistat created LEadCaster, a suite of real-time tools that include the ability to identify companies that visit a website and retrieves their business address, phone numbers, email addresses and more. Another interesting implimentation is from live chat software ChatStat. By integrating with Jigsaw, ChatStat serves up name, title, company, and contact details for site visitors at the beginning of every chat. Reps can know who they are interacting with, and can save a complete CRM record of the chat, including the Jigsaw data, when the chat concludes.