Developing Landing Pages That Sell

A landing page is the page your website visitor arrived on after clicking your link, whether that links is from pay per click advertising, a search engine result listing or banner ads. The goal of the landing page should always be to cause visitors to take a specific and immediate action such as make a purchase, sign up for a program, download software or subscribe to a newsletter or RSS feed.

Landing Pages That Sell Start With Ads That Sell
Using product or message specific landing pages work best when the ad or link that the prospect selects clearly identifies what they will find when they visit the webpage. If you ran an advertisement that offered something counter to what you provided at your website, then the user that clicks the ad will (count on it) be discouraged and leave without making a conversion, which is why it is so important to create ads that exactly identify your products and services and then and match them with the appropriate landing page. If your hobby was to sell an ebook about nitro-burning funny cars online and you created a pay per click advertisement that encouraged users to learn more about all cars including the new hybrid cars, you would get very few people to take you up on your unique selling proposition.

The Content of Landing Pages Make the Sell: There are many considerations when developing content for landing pages. Some industry experts argue that demographics, the time of year and even time of the day make a very serious impact on the success of landing pages. For example, if you sell winter coats all year long landing pages may need to explain why anyone in their right mind would buy something on the hottest day of the year. This is usually a little easier that some make it out to be. You may want to consider making a compelling offer, answering objections directly on the landing page and ultimately keeping your goals very, very clear and a selling proposition that is immensely uniue. Even more important than having great products is having the trust of the consumers. Without consumer confidence you won't sell a thing. WSM encourages you to read an article we for our first issue about
Study Other Effective Landing Pages: Before you even start writing ads or developing copy for your landing page it is essential to see how others are using landing pages - and this goes beyond how your competitors are using landing pages. By studying other landing pages you may just get a few ideas for your own.