LiquidPlanner Takes Project Management to the Cloud

Online project management solutions have been increasing in popularity as of late, and the LiquidPlanner platform seems to have taken the next logical step by partnering with Box to add cloud functionality to its tool.

According to LiquidPlanner CEO Charles Seybold, project management has undergone a "quiet revolution" since the advent of the technological revolution, and the ubiquity and added capabilities offered by the Internet have rapidly spurred this trend onward. Seybold explains that management structures are becoming increasingly social and, consequently, amorphous.

LiquidPlanner focuses primarily on social project management, allowing comment streams for every task and project, letting users attach notes, documents and images and including email notifications and integration. It also offers flexibility throughout the project lifecycle, including a "probabilistic" scheduling feature for real-time project scheduling with best and worst case estimations that predict how long a task should take to complete. In addition, users can drag and drop projects/tasks in priority order, delay, pause or assign deadlines and get instant impact analysis.

LiquidPlanner is looking to build upon the capabilities of its management platform with the aforementioned integration with the cloud-based content sharing platform, as well as introducing analytics into its solution.

The company's deal with Box, one of the leading names in the cloud computing industry, now allows customers to manage project content using cloud technology, meaning they can share and collaborate on documents more easily, as teams managing projects, workflows and time tracking can now leverage Box functionality to attach documents stored in Box directly into LiquidPlanner projects and tasks. They will also have access to advanced document management features, such as desktop syncing, document versioning and access controls for project collateral.

Box integration is immediately available for all LiquidPlanner customers for no additional charge.