Make a Flipbook Magazine with Turn.js

Your average Web user is looking for richer and more engaging interactions within their digital experience. That is challenging on both creative and technical levels but there are solutions emerging which make quick work of this more demanding environment.

Turn.js, for example, is a Javascript library (actually a UI plugin for jQuery) that provides designers and developers the ability to make content look just like a book or magazine. The effect, as you see in the demos, is quite seamless, with elegant transitions thanks to the plugin taking advantage of the latest in HTML5 and CSS3.

There is a version (3rd release) available on GitHub, but the fourth release of Turn.js offers several more interesting (and essential) features including using pages of different size, zoom effects, navigation bars and more. The license cost for the 4th release of Turn.js is $99 for up to 5 domains and $499 for unlimited domains.