Making Improvements in Cross Device Targeting

It should come as no surprise that advertisers want to reach audiences via new devices and channels, but the technology required to do so rarely keeps pace with media consumption trends.

Couple that with an advertising ecosystem flush with complacency and mistrust, and it's a perfect storm of poor performance and wasted ad dollars in most cases.

Advertising/marketing automation platform AudienceScience, however, wants to give advertisers an edge in this regard.

The platform has expanded its existing cross-device targeting, measurement, and attribution capabilities through an integration with Screen6, a well-known provider of cross-device identity management. The partnership will essentially help Audience Science improve and increase the accuracy of their existing tools in order to help advertisers run addressable media campaigns at scale - important in today's highly fragmented media and device landscape. 

"AudienceScience has built marketing automation software to meet the needs of the world's largest advertisers," said Keith Petri, Chief Strategy Officer of Screen6. "Their platform allows brand clients to build unique audiences based on their first party data, which makes them a natural fit for Screen6's method of building a unique audience graph for each individual client."