Managing Cloud Identities Across the Globe

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution Janrain announced that it has expanded its global data center footprint to 41 data centers in 12 regions across the globe to support continued growth.

Janrain is a heavy investor in Amazon Web Services and is able to launch new data centers as new service regions become available.

Janrain now has locations in Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and Singapore, adding to its existing locations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Ireland and the United States. Janrain is the only CIAM provider deployed in over 65 countries.

"We've had a long history of 'firsts' related to managing cloud identities across the globe," said Jamie Beckland, Vice President of Product. "We were the first CIAM provider to achieve Safe Harbor certification in 2009, first to launch a European Union (EU) data center in 2013, first to manage Chinese citizen profiles behind the Great Firewall in 2015, and first to achieve Privacy Shield certification in 2016. Now in 2017, we are proud to have the largest data center footprint of any identity solution."