Mobile Apps & Developing Deeper Customer Connections

Doug O'Keefe
by Doug O'Keefe 16 Jan, 2023

Could a smart, useful and social-enabled mobile app be the key to enterprise success? One fashion brand hopes it can.

Mobile commerce platform PredictSpring has partnered with with lifestyle brand Tommy Hilfiger to build and launch its first mobile application targeting the European market.

The app will be offered to consumers in 17 countries (and four languages) and provide the ability to shop directly from the brand's Instagram feed and will integrate with its existing loyalty program, Hilfiger Club.

"Tommy Hilfiger is such an iconic global brand with a loyal following. The functionality and ease-of-use of its new mobile app offers a unique way for customers to connect with the brand, and provides an opportunity for fans to develop a deeper connection with its brand ambassador Gigi Hadid," said Nitin Mangtani, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PredictSpring.

"In an era of mobile first, consumers are spending most of their time on mobile devices, and mobile apps provide an instant, direct-to-consumer shopping experience seamlessly blending content and commerce."