Modify Any Website in Real-Time with & Chrome Developer Tools

Let's say you're a Web designer with some big ideas and you want to show what you can do with a prospective client's website. Where do you begin? is an interesting Chrome extension that could prove quite valuable. makes it possible to modify, save, and share any website in real-time without having access to the source code of the website. How cool is that? So how does it work?

The extension uses Chrome Developer Tools to edit a Web page's HTML, CSS or JS code, and even makes it possible to add in your own code.That means, for example, that if you're working at a software as a service provider and want to show a prospective client what your widget would look like on a specific Web page, you can do just that.

There are some other services/solutions that do roughly the same thing (Tomodo and Clone Zone for example are good options for prototyping from the browser) but is definitely an extension to add to your digital design toolbox.