Multidev Sticks a Fork in Website Launch Delays

Website launch delays happen to the best of us.

The costs of such setbacks can be enormous, from stretched budgets to missed go-to market opportunities, according to Pantheon Co-Founder Josh Koenig.

In conjunction with the release of its Multidev feature, Pantheon (an all-in-one Drupal platform) surveyed more than 1,200 professional developers and project managers at marketing and digital agencies and found that 59 percent of new sites miss their launch dates. Oftentimes, these delays are caused by fragmented processes that arise when teams collaborate on the same website. Pantheon believes its new Multidev feature will help large websites launch faster and cost less to manage over time.

By allowing each team member to "fork" a complete copy of the site, including all the infrastructure to run it in the cloud. For developers, the process seems easy. A team member hits 'fork' to provision a complete cloud development environment in seconds. What used to require a separate rack of hardware, now happens in seconds via software, reports Pantheon. Whether developing, testing or handing off a stable copy of the site for review, there's no risk of overwriting or losing data. Multidev supports feature-branching, per-developer sandboxes, dedicated quality assurance environments and more.

"Multidev streamlines modern Web development, eliminating risks and closing gaps so developers can deliver and CMOs can win," said Koenig.

To see just how far Web development has truly come, let's turn to Pantheon's The History of Web Development infographic.