Network Solutions' LinkTogether For Developers

Developers using Network Solutions' LinkTogether community now have an opportunity to sell their original content including design themes, videos, white papers and more.

Members can now share original content with the community for free or list items for sale. Members that create a seller's account are allowed to list items, assign a price for sale, and track sales. Network Solutions will collect a 15 percent seller's fee.

"Creating a seller's account will allow Web designers and developers to sell and track sales of the files and content they upload," said Warren Smith, director of product management at Network Solutions. "By providing a new avenue for profit, we hope to help Web developers draw additional attention to their work and talents on the already exciting Web community developing at LinkTogether."

Free LinkTogether memberships allow Web developers to list up to two items for sale at any one time. Pro members may sell an unlimited number of uploads. Pro membership is available for $19.99/month. To list items for sale, members must have a valid PayPal® account on file in order to collect payment.