Developers' Toolkit Released for jQuery and HTML5

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 08 Feb, 2012

ComponentOne has released of a kit of UI widgets for HTML5 and jQuery development. The centerpiece of the release - called Wijmo - is the data visualization widgets that include more HTML5 chart types and new HTML5 gauges.

Wijmo extends jQuery UI and provides everything from interactive menus to rich charts. This v2 release offers over 40 widgets with many enhancements to existing widgets.

"This is the most complete collection of tools a Web developer may access for creating interactive websites and applications," says ComponentOne product manager Chris Bannon. "The power of HTML5 is harnessed in the Wijmo collection and with it your Web applications will perform faster, run smoother and be more engaging than ever before." has a live demo that lets visitors explore every widget and highlights the specific features of each. In the Grid Demo, which displays the source code used to create it, ComponentOne shows how the Wijmo Grid surfaces the filtering UI for each column of data.

Users may choose from one of the six professionally designed themes included with Wijmo, from over 30 themes from the jQuery UI project or use ThemeRoller from jQuery UI to create a custom theme to develop a consistent look and feel throughout an application.

Wijmo is split into two kits, with Wijmo Complete being a commercial kit filled with powerful application building widgets like charts and grids and Wijmo Open being completely free and open-source under the MIT/GPL licenses and includes menus, calendars and more.

Both kits ensure that the UI created works in every browser and every device without worrying about compatibility issues. Wijmo widgets support the following browsers: IE6+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3+, and Chrome.