NewServers API For Resellers

NewServers, a provider of dedicated utility servers with hourly billing, announced the launch of its reseller program featuring API access.

Comprised of multiple API features, volume discounts up to 20% and NOC level support access, the NewServers reseller program targets traditional hosting resellers, ISVs, web designers and application developers with higher volume and control needs. The API allows Resellers to integrate with NewServers' NOC automation to manage six key functions; adding a server, canceling a server, real-time available inventory list, active server information, current billing information, and server reboot control.

"Traditionally, the sales efforts of dedicated server resellers of all types have been inhibited by the long and inconsistent server provisioning and ticket resolution times of their provider," said JP Gagne, president of NewServers. "NewServers solves that problem with our API and NOC automation that extends self serve on-demand provisioning and canceling directly to the reseller. Couple that with NewServers' hourly billing model and resellers can manage their server costs completely in line with the revenue generated from resold servers," said Gagne.