NuCaptcha Introduces Video to Website Security

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 30 Jun, 2010

Every Internet user encounters them regularly: those nonsensical strings of characters that we're asked to decipher before we can move on to the next page of a website. What some of you also know is that they are called captchas, and that the balance between protecting your site from spambots and driving away frustrated visitors is a delicate one.

The captcha market is forced to continuously increase the degrees of difficulty in its products as computer hacking becomes more advanced, and the battle's biggest losers have become the increasingly befuddled Internet users and the businesses that try to serve them. Now there's a new video animation technology available from NuCaptcha that the company touts as being both extremely user-friendly and highly secure.

Video offers the greatest advancement in captcha technology since it was first introduced ten years ago because the motion is near impossible for computers to read but very easy for humans. The first product launched on the NuCaptcha platform is NuCaptcha Basic, a free service for websites and blogs that provides up to 25,000 captchas per month with themes such as the environment, sports and abstract.

Other products in the captcha space are made by Google and Microsoft, to name two, but this is the first one to incorporate video animation. NuCaptcha was launched by Leap Technologies Inc.