PHP Frameworks to Know

PHP remains the most popular programming language in existence and now powers millions of different applications on the Web.

There are, of course, many other mainstream (ASP) and alternative (Ruby) programming languages but thanks to PHP being so flexible and (in most cases) so much easier to learn, it's use likely won't slow down in the near future (even though it's not necessarily growing at the same rate, and is actually declining slightly in interest).

Coding in any language however can be incredibly boring - monotonous and repetitive are two words you hear quite frequently from programmers. As a result, the use of frameworks has risen in popularity over the years. Frameworks essentially help streamline the development of applications by providing a basic structure for coding to make the whole process easier.

Website Magazine has written about the use of frameworks in the past, but we've never actually provided a list or roundup of the most popular solutions on the market for those whose preferred programming language is PHP. Today that changes.

The most popular PHP frameworks in use by developers today are (arguably) Zend Framework and CodeIgniter, but they're far from the only ones. Yii, CakePhp and Symfony have long been favorites of developers and still others including Laravel and Phalcon are emerging as strong contenders.

If you use PHP, and you use a framework like one of those mentioned above, share with other Website Magazine readers why you use it and why they should too by commenting below.