Preventing Domain Hijacking with CloudFlare Registrar

CloudFlare, a content delivery network and provider of distributed domain name server services, has introduced a new domain name registration service designed to prevent domain hijacking.

The solution, dubbed CloudFlare Registar, monitors domain name registrations and changes to registration in order to prevent attackers from gaining control of a domain name. The solution follows a strict "change control" protocol for transfer request, ensuring that name server or registrar data changes are approved by an organization as a whole. With so many participants in the domain name landscape (registries, registrars and registrants) ensuring the security and integrity of domains is going to be top of mind with enterprises.

"By offering registrar services to CloudFlare Enterprise customers, we instantly eliminate the additional risk a third-party registrar may overlook," said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of CloudFlare, in today's announcement. "Even in CloudFlare's own search for a high-security registrar, we didn't find anything that met our security standard. Rather than waiting for one to come onto the market, we built our own, fundamentally changing the way Registrar security is offered today."